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MilkHub Fonts

For a couple of days now I've been trying to figure out why MilkHub looks strange on whitetop, so today I decided to get to the bottom of it...

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Async Comments

I've been playing with the comment code recently trying to make it a little bit more user friendly and I think I've succeeded! All of the comment actions are done using Asynchronous JavaScript now... this means that the page doesn't reload when you submit a form and when you click on the edit/delete buttons the form is loaded in-line. How cool is that? :o)

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MilkHub's New Home

MilkHub's moved home, but where is it now...?

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Tesco Value Webcam

Today in Tesco I had a look at the webcams and found the Tesco Value Webcam. At only £6.72 I figured that if it didn't work it wasn't a big deal! But I needn't have worried, Kubuntu picked it up straight away and Motion was able to start playing with it too!

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The eagle has landed

So today I went to pick up my new car; while I was walking home from work I got a call from Mum, and that was just the beginning...

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Buddon Brook and Swithland Reservoir

Today we went for a little walk along the Buddon Brook and around the Swithland Reservoir following the directions from the Quorn Parish Council website.

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Vector Tower Defence

The aim of the game is to eliminate the Vectoid threat before they reach the end of the path. You do this by constructing towers along the path to attack oncoming Vectoids. Success is not based solely on the types of tower you select, but where you place them and what upgrade and bonus options you take.

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A week of updates

Since last weekend MilkHub has been through a bit of a transformation. Mostly internal rewrites of some modules, and a couple of new toys have crept in along the way...

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Back From Holiday

After a lovely, hot and sunny two weeks in the Dominican Republic I'm back to the not-so hot and sunny England. I've put up my photos, though please don't bookmark them as the gallery is going to have an overhaul before the month is out, for that matter the whole site is ;o). I'll put up a diary or something similar in the next couple of weeks too.

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The bracer has come off!

Those of you who have known me over the past three years will probably have noticed the band of bracelets around my left wrist. They were all gifts from friends since 2003/4 and have occupied that space on my wrist since then. Unfortunately they've slowly been getting tighter around my wrist (or my wrist has been growing into them) and so I've had to cut them off. This post is in memory of those bracelets and the people who gave them to me.

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Geek Test

93% Geek

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The Web Design Survey, 2007


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File Renamer

ETW pointed out to me a cool perl script File Renamer which tidies up directories of TV episodes, and it will fetch the episode titles from or

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Quotes from 118 (2)

Matt W: Would I rather spend £85 on that game or £85 on Jelly Babies?

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LOLTrek is a collection of Image Macros based on the original star trek with a collection of lolcat style adverts throughout. The author is a true genius. :o)

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