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Sorry to anyone who tried to access MilkHub over the past few days, we had a power cut whilst I was away last week and it seems to have knocked redtop a little. I've done a backup of the affected disk and redtop seems to be running okay for now. I'll be replacing the disk when I can afford a new one, though hopefully the website will have moved by then.

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How-To: Customise your SSH Config

I am someone who feels more comfortable using the command-line than many GUI set-ups and who is often SSH-ing between servers; many of these servers have lengthy host names and require various different usernames; luckily the SSH developers thought ahead and came up with a way of pre-setting most options per-host...

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How-To: Stop iPhoto From Opening Automatically

I've stopped using iPhoto recently in favour of flickr but every time I plug in a camera or something that looks like it could be a camera iPhoto opens. A quick hunt around the internet and I found the solution...

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MilkHub 2008 Design

After just over a year of being live I've finally got around to making my own design for MilkHub and what a better time to switch than after CSS Naked Day!?

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CSS Naked Day 2008

As with last year, MilkHub will be joining hundreds of other websites and getting naked on Wednesday (9th April). Last year over 1600 sites took part, a massive increase from the 750 the year before! I'll be removing all stylesheets for the day and going one step further by disabling all JavaScript too!

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Moderator CP 1.2.9

Moderator CP is now 1.2.9. Download from

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PHP: Late Static Bindings

New to PHP 5.3.0 will be late static bindings. Currently you can use the self keyword in PHP to access static methods of the current class, the new static keyword allows you to access static methods through the inheritance tree.

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How-To: Finding the Character Map in Mac

I wanted to find a character to paste into some text, I looked in Utilities and Applications but to no avail. After some hunting around and speaking with colleagues it seems there is one built into Mac but it's hidden far away...

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Making the tea

This short course from describes in simple steps how to make a cuppa for your friends or workmates. It is aimed at the professional layabout or colleague who never seems to somehow get round to it...

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How-To: Get Rid of the Glass Dock in Leopard

Something that bugged me as soon as I had finished installing Leopard on my mac was the glassy dock, whilst it looks pretty it gets old pretty quick. It takes up more space than the previous dock and I've found it to be somewhat slower than before too. Luckily there is an option to turn it off... See how Jackilyn did it.

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Goodbye Newshutch

I went to read my feeds, as I do every day, and was greeted with a sad message... Newshutch will be closing down on November 10th!

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The attackers are coming! They're trying to fight their way into Area 51 and it's up to you to build the defences and stop them getting in! There's a cash bounty on the head of every attacker and each wave is tougher than the last. Use your earnings to upgrade your defences and keep the attackers at bay.

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The C Days of Y2K

A friend showed me this recently and although it's quite old it's still as funny as the day it was thought up...

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Multiple Shadows on Fire!

Joost de Valk wrote:

Kornel mailed me today with an addition to the text-shadow preview page, that looks quite good :). He noted that the Safari implementation of text-shadow is a bit poor, as it supports only one shadow, and they are offset wrong by 1px. Thanks Kornel!

Yet another brilliant example of CSS3's power!

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A weekend in Wales

I have just spent the weekend at Aberglaslyn Hall in North Wales, I've uploaded some photos from the weekend to remind everyone how pretty Wales is :o)

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