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How-to: Music video style notifications for iTunes

Over the past two years of using Macs I've picked up so many little things that I take for granted and it's only recently since a friend has got a new macbook pro that I've started to remember some of them. Each track I play in iTunes appears at the bottom of the screen in a music video style notification, read on to find out how.

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How-To: Get your Growl back from Logitech

For the past few days, since running some updates on my MacBooks, Growl's not been showing any messages. I've since found out that it was Logitech Control Center blocking the messages. The solution is quite simple, delete /Library/InputManagers/LCC Scroll Enhancer Loader then log out and everything should be fine. Thanks Zamboni.

Note (9 June): Growl 1.3.0 has a work around to combat this problem.

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How-To: Make Interarchy 9 more like Interarchy 8

When Nolobe released Interarchy 9 I screamed at the features that had been removed that I used daily without even thinking about it. Luckily 9.0.1 restores most of these features, although you have to get the settings right.

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How-To: Customise your SSH Config

I am someone who feels more comfortable using the command-line than many GUI set-ups and who is often SSH-ing between servers; many of these servers have lengthy host names and require various different usernames; luckily the SSH developers thought ahead and came up with a way of pre-setting most options per-host...

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How-To: Stop iPhoto From Opening Automatically

I've stopped using iPhoto recently in favour of flickr but every time I plug in a camera or something that looks like it could be a camera iPhoto opens. A quick hunt around the internet and I found the solution...

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How-To: Finding the Character Map in Mac

I wanted to find a character to paste into some text, I looked in Utilities and Applications but to no avail. After some hunting around and speaking with colleagues it seems there is one built into Mac but it's hidden far away...

Posted on Thu 17th January, 2008 in , , , , and with 3 comments

How-To: Get Rid of the Glass Dock in Leopard

Something that bugged me as soon as I had finished installing Leopard on my mac was the glassy dock, whilst it looks pretty it gets old pretty quick. It takes up more space than the previous dock and I've found it to be somewhat slower than before too. Luckily there is an option to turn it off... See how Jackilyn did it.

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